TOP 5: Best Turntables For 2022 | Hi-Fi Modern Vinyl Record Players

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► Best Overall: Victrola Vintage VSC-550BT-BK:
► Best Automatic: Denon DP-300F:
► Best Budget: U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus:
► Best Wireless: Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500:
► Best Budget: Pro-Ject T1:

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If you're looking for a model you can take with you when you travel, then this Victrola Vintage VSC-550BT-BK will be an excellent choice. It is not the most durable or that comes with feature-loaded, but they're the best option available when it comes to portability and functionality. Housed in a vintage suitcase with an easy carry handle, this Victrola features retro and contemporary design, giving you the ultimate flexibility to listen to music where you want and how you want. And inside the suitcase, the turntable itself takes up the majority of the available space. While controls are very intuitive. You can use a dial to control the volume, one to control the power, and one to choose the input source. And all these controls are finished in a deep matte black, creating a vintage look. It has three types of speed like 33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm, letting you play any size and type of record. And when it comes to sound, this suitcase record player features an upgraded premium sound quality and sits on sound-isolating feet for preventing vibration. Since it has got built-in Bluetooth, you can easily connect external speakers via the stereo RCA outputs, or you can use the Line input for non-Bluetooth devices like a CD player.

This Denon DP-300F is a fully Automatic analog Turntable that is ideal for listening to vinyl at home or in the office. By design, it is an all-black turntable that looks beautiful. And featuring a 4mm-thick cabinet wall, it will offer you both strength and high density. Coming at 17.1-inch wide will make this DP-300F fit nicely with the rest of your audio system. And when it comes to performance, it comes with Denon's own DSN-85 cartridge and stylus, both of which are on the low end of the sound spectrum. And as a result, this turntable will produce an average sound quality. Being a fully automatic player, you can simply select the record size, and the tonearm automatically moves onto the record to start playback. And when the music is finished, the tonearm will return back. Since it already includes a built-in phono equalizer, you can connect it directly to a mini component or integrated amp that doesn't have a phono terminal. And coming equipped with an arm lifter mechanism will facilitate manual operation. While its arm lifter will make it easy to place or remove the needle from any location on the record.

If you’re for a sleek and minimalist look, then this Orbit Plus will be worth considering. Coming made by U-Turn, it is designed to get the best sound for your money. And when it comes to performance, it is an excellent option that can consistently play the records at the correct speed and relays the sound perfectly. Featuring an acrylic platter, it can deliver an excellent speed consistency and improved acoustics, all thanks to its density and low-resonance properties. And with its inclusion of the Pluto preamp in its design will let you to connect this player to any amplifier or powered speakers easily. In that way, you can get excellent sound quality and convenience in one single device. Featuring an external two-speed belt-drive, it can separate the low-noise motor from the rest of the turntable, ensuring no vibration reaches the platter. While its 5/8” thick acrylic platter is added to improve acoustics and produce consistent speed while playing your music, making it responsible for the punchy bass that you get while having a moment with this turntable


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