Topping A90D - The Best Amp In The World???

The Topping A90D is the BEST AMP IN THE WORLD!!! Or…. Is it? Well, that’s a bit of a loaded question, and there’s a lot of factors at play. You’ll have to watch the video to see what I think. I can tell you that it does have an amazing volume system! Click.

Thanks to Apos for sending me the A90D. Affiliate links below!


PRE90 + EXT90:


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US AudioMart:

Some of my favorite equipment for various niches (some links are affiliate):

Supre Budget IEM: Moondrop Chu:
Super Budget Headphone: Koss kph40:
Need these pads for the kph40 though:
Cheap Gaming Headphone: AD700X:
Super Cheap Closed-Back Gaming: Recon 500:
Cheap All-Around Headphone: SHP9600:
Entry Level DAC: Modi 3+:
Entry Level Amp: IEMagni:

Recommended Solid State: Violectric V280 Final Edition:
Or Schiit Mjolnir Gen :1 (gotta look used)
Tube Amp: Feliks Audio Echo Gen 1 (gotta look used)
Quicksilver Headphone Amp:
Headphone #1: Drop + Sennheiser HD8xx:
Headphone #2: Stax 3100 system (probably has to come from Japan, look on ebay)
Headphone #3: OG NIghthawks: (look used)
Headphone #4: Sennheiser 660s:
Closed Back: t60 Argons:
Gaming Headphone: HE560v4:
Budget Bluetooth Portable DAC/Amp: XCan:
Higher End Bluetooth Portable: Gryphon:
Wired Portable DAC/Amp: Cayin RU6: (I’d look used, lots on the market)
TWS: Sony XM4:

Hart Audio Cables:
Worlds Best RCA Interconnects:
Worlds Best XLR Interconnects:

Recording Gear:
Panasonic G85:
Panasonic 14mm:
Maono XLR:
Behringer UM2:
Canon M100 (overhead):
Canon 22mm 2.0 (overhead):

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