Towers as Surrounds / Rears for Home Theater | Towers vs Bookshelves | Home Theater Gurus Setup

Home Theater Gurus Q&A. Are Towers overkill in a Home Theater Setup? Towers vs bookshelves for surrounds and rears. Home Theater Setup . Towers all around for Home Theater. For room plan layout service contact me @
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Highly Recommended Gear based on Performance to Cost ratio

The amazing Anthem AVM 70

Anthem AVM 90

JVC Projectors. Incredible picture with deep blacks and the Best tone mapping in their price range.

Home Theater Seating. In the Dedicated Theater.

Home Theater Seating in the living room system.

Save 10% on Seymour screens using Code: HTGURU

All loudspeaker Amplification. Great clean power at a very good price!

GSG Devestator!

Panasonic 4k players

Speaker Power Amps . Massive power for Massive subs!


MiniDSP HD 2x4 to align subs. FLex model will be used in this theater.

MiniDSP Umik-2 new version. Measurement mic

Fabric Mate Track

Fabric Mate install Tools shown in videos.

For info on Fabric Mate products contact Jerome.
[email protected]

Wall /acoustics adhesive.

Budget crown stapler

Crown staples

Bosch laser level shown in video

Links to items discussed.

LED can lights for theater

*** on the can lights I changed the connector to these (the stock connector was cheesy)
And I made the connections in a single gang box with a blank cover (very cheap at Lowes/HD)

LED light transformer/driver
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