TPA3110 Digital Amplifier Board Stereo Bluetooth 4 2 Amplifier Board 15Wx2 DC10 25V_UPDATED 2021

TPA3110 Digital Amplifier Board Stereo Class D Bluetooth 4.2 Amplifier Board 15Wx2 DC10-25V_UPDATED 2021

This board adopts the typical circuit of TPA3110. It uses a single power supply with anti-reverse connection. It is very convenient to use a universal adapter and switching power supply, or an ordinary linear transformer plus a rectifier filter board to supply power. Process, simple and stable.
The integrated design of built-in Bluetooth audio receiver and built-in 5V voltage regulator circuit can easily DIY Bluetooth speakers. The output power is 15W X 2 (@ 16V). The board can be connected to speakers of 8 ohms and 4 ohms.
Note: When external audio input is required, the two pads of the "External Audio Switch" need to be shorted together.

Power supply instructions:
When using a universal adapter and switching power supply, it can be directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply. If using a linear transformer for power supply, the recommended AC voltage is 9-12V (up to 15V AC), and the linear transformer is 20-30W
Power supply voltage: 10-25VDC
Power current: 2A or more recommended
Output power: 15W X 2 (@ 16V or above)


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