Tramaine - STL Tones Meridian Amp Demo (High Gain Lead)

I forgot about this! Here's a clip I didn't end up posting, jamming with the #stltones Meridian update a few months back, killer plugin! I highly recommend giving it a go yourself - you get regular updates with added amps etc, all modelled on the most sought after models on the market.

NEW ALBUM UPDATE - I have managed to come to an arrangement, and I think I will be releasing it shortly in the next month or so. However, I will not be uploading it to digital streaming platforms. I hope you all understand this, but it would be very counterproductive for me to do so at this juncture in my music career, and a lot of time, work, blood, sweat and tears have gone into this production, so for the time being it will only be available from my website to purchase for my awesome fans who wanna support me.

I think the 'old fashioned' approach I am taking is actually beneficial for both the artist and fan anyway - the artist gets compensated for their efforts and hard work, and the fan gets to enjoy the music indefinitely without having to endure irrelevant ads that serve them no purpose.

Anyway, hopefully I can get this album out to you soon! have a blessed day everyone \\m//

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