||Transformerless Power Supply|| LTSpice Simulation|| Circuit Design || LED and LED Strip lights

The transformerless power supply is widely used due to its very light weight, compact size and easily available parts. It can be fabricated on a very small formfactor PCB and it is very handy to be used in LED lights, LED strings, small electrical loads in 50 - 100mA range. This circuit employs a NPN BJT power transistor to shunt the excessive voltage at the output of bridge to prevent it from exceeding zener 15V. The capacitor C1 is the critical part as it controls the load current to about 50mA per 1uF capacitance. This is really useful in calculating the capacitance value in terms of load resistance and current. The LED load we used 30mA and 15V zener was used. Please do like my videos and share. Also please subscribe to my channel as I am trying to bring more and more useful contents so that more value can be added and you gain more knowledge from my experience. Thank You.

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