Tremolo Guitar Pedal Build

This is a long video. Time links for segments are below.

I've been building guitar pedals since 2013, and I've built a lot of them (and amps). I thought it'd be cool to document it and make a video showing how to do it. While my first two builds were from kits, I have since moved on to sourcing all parts and building from scratch using veroboard or stripboard layouts. For the layout for this build (and tons of others), see this site:

However, as mentioned in the video, I did make some modifications to the layout.

I also detail and document my process for how I finish the enclosures using spray paint. Pedal demo at the end.

0:00 - Intro
0:36 - Explaining and cutting the veroboard
2:46 - Making cuts on the board's copper tracks
4:14 - Soldering in jumper wires
6:17 - Soldering in the resistors
7:52 - Soldering in the diode and capacitors
9:26 - Attaching wires to the board
10:55 - Testing the board produces a sound
12:08 - Talking about mods to the circuit
13:36 - Talking about enclosures and drilling
15:36 - Priming the enclosures for painting
18:02 - Applying blue coat
20:01 - Applying spray particle effect
23:35 - Talking about text and clear coating
24:13 - Fixing chipped paint
27:11 - Starting to wire the pedals
27:59 - Wiring tips for avoiding battery draining
30:04 - Finished pedals
30:16 - Testing range of knob functionality
31:15 - Initial playthrough
31:38 - Jamming through the pedal
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