Troubleshooting and Repair of the Vox Escort Portable Guitar Amplifier

Repair of a portable battery powered guitar amplifier from the mid 70s; the Vox Escort. The video will also feature a short demonstration of what it sounds like at the end.

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Finding Out what is Wrong
01:17 Troubleshooting
03:20 Design/Schematic Overview
04:16 Troubleshooting Continues
04:52 Soldering Advice
05:03 Troubleshooting Continues
05:36 A Look at the TBS810S Integrated Power Amplifier
06:01 Repair Part 1: Replacing the TBS810S
06:17 Testing
06:51 Replacing a Worn Out Potentiometer
08:32 Testing
08:49 Reassembly
09:11 Demonstration
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