Trueman Amplification Supernova 25 W - All tube guitar amp for home and performance


Supernova 25 Amp Head
Built to give you the most famous and epic amp tones from 1960s to the modern days in a very compact package which is perfect for home, gig or rehearsal.

Trueman Supernova is a 25 Watt guitar amplifier, having 2 channels amp with each 3 gain structures . All tube head, custom wound transformers, boost, switchable 2 stage XTBosster, Power Attenuator, Direct recording out with switchable all analog cabinet simulation on board, Buffered FX loop.

Channel I called 69 is based on the original 1969 PLEXI circuit flavored with our enhancements and tweaks to provide you with even more of the sweet fatness and gorgeous juicy crunch. This channel is very dynamic and may serve as a perfect pedal platform or provide you with an endless palette of clean tones varying from bell like pristine sound, sizzling edge of break up or pure British Rock roar.

Channel II is called 82 and is a faithful recreation of the original 1982 British legend, seasoned with special ingredients to make the sound even more punchy and imperious. This channel is epitome of raw Hard Rock and Metal guitar tone that revolutionized the music scene forever. Monstrous punch and unmatched clarity are the signature characteristics of this beast that tries to break the cage harder and harder with every of your guitar chops.

Specially created, XTBOOST is a unique 2-stage booster built in the amp and making it so easy to obtain perfect solo tone or dialing in just the right amount of distortion for any metal genre. Activating it you would get up to 6 gain stages of hard rock ferocity and mayhem.

The very special 3-position MOD SWITCH provides you with 3 gain structures and helps you to turn each channel to hi-gain modded hot rod preserving the original character and giving you the best of the saturated goodness of carefully sculptured gain stages. It also provides you with the ability to activate the on-board Variac for all lovers of 80s spongy rock tones.

Built-in POWER ATTENUATOR lets you go from 25 W to 5 W and even to 0.3 W which is ideal for home. Our specially designed attenuator preserves all the richness of the tone and feel of a big amp stack and
gives you the true joy and Hard Rock experience at low volume. 

RECORDING OUT with switchable Cabinet Simulator, Ground Lift and Level Switch makes it so easy to record your guitar chops directly to any audio interface or to feed the sound effortlessly to a mixer or a PA and feel comfortable at any gig or rehearsal having your favorite tone. You could use it without any speaker connected.

The SONORITY control on the back would give you more low end to make your sound even more powerful and bigger, it is designed to help 1x12 home cabinet to sound as classic fat 4x12.

Trueman Supernova is equiped with super transparent series FX LOOP.

Thanks to its architecture, the Loop acts very natural with all your pedals without any signal loss or tonal shifts. It is your ultimate ally in creating complex tonal textures using your favorite modulation, delays and reverbs.

​HEADPHONE OUT gives you freedom to play silently at home, even at night. Feel free to express yourself, close your eyes and imagine yourself in front of 100,000 crowd on a stadium with a wall of amp stacks behind you and having that very tone in your hands without disturbing anyone at home or your neighbors.

Trueman Supernova is equiped with WIRELESS AUX IN to let you jam easily along your favorite music and backing tracks. Just feed the signal from your phone and let the magic begin making Supernova being you perfect amp of choice for practice. Dial in your signature tone and take it to the studio or scene and ROCK HARD!

Trueman Supernova is a fruit of 5-year work and research. Our biggest aspiration was to give you all the best tones wrapped in a compact and inspiring design.

Lush cleans, classic juicy crunch, hard rock or even modern era metal – you have it all with your new perfect companion – Trueman Supernova.
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