Trump NY gag order back on; Scott Perry's conspiracy is showing; McCarthy says Gaetz deserves "jail"

In three breaking legal developments:

1. The New York appellate court reimposed the gag order Judge Engoron placed on Donald Trump in an effort to stop Trump from endangering the court staff.

2. New'y disclosed text messages between Rep. Scott "Pardon Me" Perry and Trump co-conspirator/co-defendant Jeffrey Clark reveal that Perry was in the thick of Trump's conspiracy to unlawfully cling to power. The question now becomes, does DOJ finally have enough evidence to indict Perry? Recall, Perry requested a pardon for his apparent crimes on and around January 6.

3. Kevin McCarthy states that Matt Gaetz is "more fit for a penitentiary" than for Congress, and he "belongs in jail." Maybe it's time for DOJ to interview McCarthy about Gaetz apparent crimes.

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