Trump UN-ENDORSES KEVIN MCCARTHY FOR SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and Clarifies Endorsement was for Congress

Stock Market Crash Ready to Bankrupt Banks, Hedge Funds as Margin Trading at All Time High
(H. A. Goodman predicted the market crash on Sept. 9, 2021 within Prediction Playlist)

Stock Market Crash Imminent as Inflation, CPI and PPI Rise, Margin Debt Hits Record, Confidence Low (H. A. Goodman started the Stock Market Crash Channel on Sept 16, 2021, this is my first segment)

Bitcoin CRASH Certain as U S Stock Market CRASH Caused by Evergrande Default Unfolding (H. A. Goodman predicted the Bitcoin and Crypto crash on Sept. 20, 2021) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWa6bVh9L2s&t=485s

Joe Biden's Bitcoin CRASH to $10,000 and Dow Jones Fall to 20,000 Leading to Recession in 2022 (H. A. Goodman first predicted Bitcoin would crash below 10K on January 22, 2022)

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I predicted all of this also in October of 2021 in my Federalist article:
Why Are Democrats Hurtling The United States Towards A Stock Market Crash?

US May Never Build New Refinery Even With Surging Gas Prices, Chevron CEO Says
Green policy push means billion-dollar investments may be stranded in coming decades

Oil industry trade groups sue Biden administration over leasing pause
The American Petroleum Industry (API) led 12 energy trade groups Monday in a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing sales, saying the pause constitutes an illegal indefinite suspension of leases.

14 GOP state attorneys general sue Biden administration over oil and gas leasing moratorium

Inflation is the Highest in 31 Years and the “Build Back Better” Bill Will Make it Worse

Tax Increases Would Cost a Million Jobs
1 million jobs lost in the first two years;
By 2023, GDP would be down by $117 billion, by $190 billion in 2026 and by $119 billion in 2031; and
Ordinary capital, or investments in equipment and structures, would be $80 billion less in 2023 and $83 billion and $66 billion less in 2026 and 2031, respectively.

Business Roundtable Statement on Build Back Better Framework
“Business Roundtable opposes the harmful corporate tax increases on America’s job creators proposed in the Build Back Better Framework. Together these proposals would impose $800 billion in tax increases on businesses, one of the largest tax increases in history. Among other harmful provisions, changes to international tax policy would aggravate the serious competitive disadvantage faced by U.S. companies relative to their foreign competitors, none of whom pay a minimum tax on earnings abroad. Congress should not agree to these changes unless and until our major competitors adopt their own comparable rules.

‘The economy is going to collapse,’ says Wall Street veteran Novogratz. ‘We are going to go into a really fast recession.’
“The economy is going to collapse,” Novogratz told MarketWatch. “We are going to go into a really fast recession, and you can see that in lots of ways,” he said, in a Wednesday interview before the Federal Reserve decided to undertake its biggest interest-rate hike in nearly three decades.
“Housing is starting to roll over,” he said. “Inventories have exploded.”
“There are layoffs in multiple industries, and the Fed is stuck,” he said, with a position of having to “hike [interest rates] until inflation rolls over.”
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