Trying to make a LW Radio pt 4: stumbled on a very good AM TRF radio schem. & demo

Please read the textbox first. Part 4 of the series, where I try to make a Long Wave radio (converter) that has to work between 150 KC and 280 KC.

Video 1 about the Long Wave radio converter project, started October 2021, is here
Video 2 about the Long Wave converter (Oct. 2021) is here https://youtu.be/flH--5q7zbw
Video 3 About the Long Wave converter is here (Oct. 2021). But the focus is there on “impedance transformation”.

That is also usable for audio circuits & tone control units, say the classic Baxandall circuit. They can be made properly with FETS, info is in this video.

The BF 256A gives a kind of “flabbering” sound. Did some experiments to avoid that, especially by lifting up the supply voltage to the BF256A, that did not work. The BF 245 B worked quite good, but not better compared to the use of a BC 547 B, a NPN mesa transistor with a HFE of (say) 300. By the way: the BF 256 A worked extremely good (!) in an oscillator circuit on (say) 1.2 MHz, I am almost sure it will also work very properly as an oscillator transistor on higher frequencies.

I first made the Front-End. Best results were found with the circuit that I publish now. Tested: the FET BF245, the FET BF 256A, both HF-N Silicon FETS, but nothing worked better (in terms of noise and real radio reception) than this now published circuit.

Have received with this setup and a coil of 820 Micro Henry (50-530 pF tuning capacitor) and a long outdoor antenna (say 10 meters) the BBC on Long Wave, but very faint and very noisy.

Important: in this frequency range (long wave-medium wave) the radio signals can be received very substantially better (say 50 %) when the radio is focused to receive the electromagnetic part of the radio wave. I did not do that now, I have to focus more on that (by making a good quality ferroceptor (=ferrite rod antenna with a typical Long Wave radio coil) or a “window” (=loop) antenna on a wooden frame in the future.

Loop antenna’s on this frequency band can be (too) big and not practical.

But, important, during these experiments I stumbled on this high quality AM radio (TRF type) that can be made with 2 transistors, both the BC547b. They are bipolar transistors and success with these types is scarce, when they are connected in one or another way to a radio coil, because their Base-Emitter resistor normally damps the good properties of the (AM or whatever) radio coil to more or less zero. Though now it was succesfull and thus I had to stand still at this setup/front end/radio circuit. That everyone interested in radio circuits can make.

Important: copy the reception coil on that PVC tube exactly (!) and use the antenna capacitor of 33 pF and the coupling capacitor of 15 P. I received in the Netherlands radio Columbia (1395 KC), Radio Lyca (London, 1458KC) and much more AM stations. Reason to copy the antenna coil exactly: the high Q (=quality factor). You don't have to use the so called "litze wire" to get a high Q. Litze wire is scarce/obsolete. Also important: decide wehther you need that 1 MOhm forward biasing the Germanium detection diode or not. Sometimes not necessary (!).

By the way: the AM band in the Netherlands is more or less “dead”, there are at the moment only 2 private stations: radio Columbia and Radio Paradise. They both have a website.

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