Tsunami waves hit the beaches of Chile and Peru after the volcanic eruption in Tonga!!

The Chilean authorities have issued a tsunami warning and a red alert level in several regions of the country after the eruption of an underwater volcano on the island of Tonga.
After monitoring all the coasts, experts determined that there could be a tsunami with a height of 30 centimeters to one meter.
Thousands of people received text messages throughout the day warning of a possible tsunami, and alarms went off over loudspeakers on hundreds of beaches.
The evacuation of the beaches was generally calm, although there were occasional traffic jams and crowds of pedestrians in the busiest coastal areas.
With over 6,400 kilometers of coastline, Chile is the country with the longest coastline in the world and also one of the most seismic, making it prone to more earthquakes and tsunamis.
There is no tsunami warning in neighboring Peru.
The Peruvian Hydrographic Authority has indicated that the volcanic eruption in question does not cause a tsunami on the Peruvian coast.
There can be waves with an amplitude of up to 20 centimeters.
“In Chile, a warning has been issued, but their wave amplitude is from 30 centimeters. They have a different type of morphology, and the wave may not come like ours,” said a representative of the Peruvian authorities.
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