Tube Amp Battle: Bottlehead Crack vs Schiit Valhalla 2

Tubes! They really can be a lot of fun with the right headphones. IMO, it’s certainly worth getting a decent tube amp in your set up to experiment with from time to time (if not use it as a daily driver).

For this video, I’m comparing a Bottlehead Crack with Speedball and the Schiit Valhalla 2. They are both decent amps, but the Crack just has such life to it–honestly, I love it. Really adds a new dimension to the dynamic headphones that I’ve been putting on it.

I’m no tube amp expert. For more technical information, I’d recommend check out the sites for both these amps and searching the forums for tube rolling advice.

Here’s links to stuff mentioned in the video:
Bottlehead Crack:
Valhalla 2:

Check out this playlist for more Amp & DAC reviews:

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Check out this playlist for more closed-back headphone reviews:

Look down below for links to all that gear and some other recommendations.

Of course, I always recommend you take a look at the used market, below are some sites that are great for that.

US AudioMart:

Some of my favorite equipment for various niches (some links are affiliate):

Super Budget Headphone: Koss kph40:
Need these pads for the kph40 though:
Cheap Gaming Headphone: AD700X:
Cheap All-Around Headphone: SHP9600:
Entry Level DAC: Modi 3+:
Entry Level Amp: IEMagni:
Entry Balanced DAC: SMSL SU8: (look used)
Or Modius:

My Main DAC: Bifrost 2:
My Main Amp: Singxer SA-1:
Tube Amp: Bottlehead Crack:
Headphone #1: HE6SEv2:
Headphone #2: Focal Elex w/ Dekoni Fenestrated Sheepskin:
Headphone #3: OG NIghthawks: (look used)
TOTL: Focal Utopia: (look used)
Gaming Headphone: HE560v4:
Bluetooth Portable DAC/Amp: XCan:
Wired Portable DAC/Amp: Mojo:
TWS: Sony XM4:

Hart Audio Cables:
Worlds Best RCA Interconnects:
Worlds Best XLR Interconnects:

Recording Gear:
Canon M50:
Sigma 16mm 1.4:
Maono USB Mic:
Canon M100 (overhead):
Canon 22mm 2.0 (overhead):

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