Tube Amp Build Completion - W.I.S.C - GT5 'Halcyon' Build 6

Disclaimer: I am sponsored by neither company nor product. I have no affiliation to any website other than my own. The products in this video are those that I prefer to use.

Halcyon circuit completion. Excuse the mediocre demo. I am in the midst of a strict lockdown at present and I have no way of recording a decent demo with those that can actually play guitar. Unfortunately you are stuck with my very basic playing skills... but you get the gist of the tone-stack.

Visit www.elamscafeboutique.com for these plans and other tube amp plan packs. Make your own shielding cable to the ideal length.

High temp hookup wire used - https://tubedepot.com/products/22-ga-tin-plated-aerospace-grade-tefzel-wire-100-feet

*NOTE* ClassicTone may have discontinued production. Please use the following Hammond transformers as direct replacements.
Power Transformer: Hammond - 270CX 550V CT 75mA (North America 115V-125V)
Power Transformer: Hammond - 370CX 550V CT 75mA (Universal 110V-240V)
Output Transformer: 125CSE 8W, use the 5k primary

Update May 2021: GT5 Plans (TB and TMB models) now [email protected]: https://www.elamscafeboutique.com/shop
Plans for S5 Mark II Version also now available in comprehensive Full Plans Pack.

Chassis construction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHILcE6iEv4&lc=Ugwh-r2jjxk3QTGz-tN4AaABAg

Useful Tools and Equipment
Pliers: Facom 403
Ground hookup cable: 22awg
Filament cable: 20awg
Heat shrink tubing material: Polyolefin
Turret size and source: AmplifiedParts.com - Item ID 040351
Pan Head Machine Bolts M20 source: https://www.albanycountyfasteners.com/Phillips-Pan-Head-Machine-Screw-M2-x-4-p/1066-1002.htm
Turret Board Material: Glass fiber, self made
Resistors used: PRP
Capacitors used: Sozo, F&T, ClarityCap

Film Gear
Cameras: Canon 70D, Canon R5
Lens: 1965 Macro Takumar 50mm f4 preset, Canon RF 15-35mm L

Mic: R0DE Wireless Go
Digital Interface: Apogee Duet Mark I
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
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