Tube Amp Sag. Chapter 3. Capacitor and Rectifiers Pt 2. Capacitor Short circuit and Inrush current.

In Chapter 3 of our series on Tube Amp Sag we continue our look at the role of capacitors and rectifiers. By the end of this chapter, you have a better understanding of how filter capacitors appear as a short circuit when we power ON or switch from Standby to Play mode.
You will also see capacitor inrush current in action.

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Chapter Three Index:

00:00 Introduction
01:07 When does DC act like AC
03:28 Crunch time: When high DC voltage hits the capacitor like a sledge-hammer
05:06 Its best to see Inrush current on an analog meter
07:22 Maximum capacitance for the first filter cap
09:23 Capacitors in Series
11:00 1N4007 Silicon rectifier diode compared to 5AR4 tube rectifier
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