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Heres the discussion and my position on the two.

1. Tube amps are for fun and playing around tube rolling. They can sound sublime when matched properly with certain speakers. If you like to analyze changes in sound of gear this is your dream component as you can greatly affect changes by changing tubes. Tube amps can be finicky and variable in thier performance characteristics. They have a greater "trouble liability" than SS, due to the archaic technology that we love so dearly.

2. Solid State amps are for reliability and unwavering characteristic. They are MUCH easier to match with amps. Its MUCH HARDER to find a KILLER sounding SS amp than a killer sounding Tube amp. A world class solid state amplifier beats out a Tube amp to me for sure. Tubes will probably always be in my back up stash but if I had to choose either or to live with for the rest of my life, it would be a SS amp..

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