Tubelab Monoblock: Found the Problem, Tests Good!

This video covers the correction of the problems shown in the last video, with 'scope and Audio Analyzer Suite test results. This thing is sounding good!

Here is a link to my donation page!

This is the first push pull vacuum tube amplifier on this channel and is a simple design created by George Anderson at Tube lab. This amp, the "Simple Push Pull" has a large following and while I haven't heard it, I have discovered that simple low parts count amps seem to also sound the best. I'm building this as a pair of monoblocks using decent parts.

You can purchase a board to simplify this build at or toss him a donation :)

Here he talks about the transformers etc. for this build.

I have a webpage up for this build showing the schematic as I plan to build it and a "basic BOM" to get you started on gathering parts.
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