Tubelab Monoblock: More Wiring and Testing

This video covers the final wiring the output tubes and testing. In the video you will see the problems I ran into and at the end, the final solution. Please watch and don't repeat my mistake!

Here is a link to my donation page!


This is the first push pull vacuum tube amplifier on this channel and is a simple design created by George Anderson at Tube lab. This amp, the "Simple Push Pull" has a large following and while I haven't heard it, I have discovered that simple low parts count amps seem to also sound the best. I'm building this as a pair of monoblocks using decent parts and I feel OK telling folks to build along with me as this is a proven design.

You can purchase a board to simplify this build at http://tubelab.com/ or toss him a donation :)

Here he talks about the transformers etc. for this build.


I have a webpage up for this build showing the schematic as I plan to build it and a "basic BOM" to get you started on gathering parts.

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