Tuning Batman's Sound System! | Behind The Sound - Lamborghini Aventador S

In this episode of Behind The Sound, we show you exactly why and how we tune a custom sound system!

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The Batmobile has arrived with us for the installation of an incredible new sound system, making use of Audison Thesis front end components, an Audison Voce class A/B amplifier, and an incredible Hertz Mille Legend 8" subwoofer for some serious kick, all replacing the Lamborghini Sensonum system.

Bruce Wayne came in for an audio consultation where we specced this entire system with him, starting from the soundproofing all the way up to the custom fabrication work involved.

To start the build, we've fully stripped out the car - dashboard, seats, carpets, rear panel - the lot! This is to allow us to remove the A pillars, to start the fabrication of custom A pillars for the Audison Thesis tweeters, but also to soundproof EVERYWHERE!

In the front tub, we will be fitting the Audison Voce 5.1k class A/B amplifier, to power the entire system fully active. Alongside this, we will be using an Audison BitNove processor to de-equalize the factory Sensonum system, before tuning and time-aligning the new sound system for the best audio experience possible.

In the cabin, we will be fabricating custom A-Pillars in order to fit the Audison Thesis tweeters, which will be resprayed in to fit with the spec of the car in a really sleek way, looking at stock as possible while placing the tweeters on axis to provide a much more direct sound from the high end frequencies.

In the doors, we are replacing the factory paper-cone woofers with the Audison Thesis Sax, an incredible top of the range speaker component that offers excellent clarity and mid-bass even at higher volumes.

Between the seats, we will be building a totally bespoke sub-box to house the 8" Hertz Mille Legend subwoofer, which provides an incredible amount of bass into the vehicle.

Make sure you stay tuned to the whole series on this car to see the full build!

Thanks for watching our video.

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