TUNING The World's HIGHEST Spec Huracan Sound System! | Behind The Sound - Lamborghini Huracan Evo

In Volume 7 of Behind The Sound on the Lamborghini Huracan Evo, we tune the EPIC sound system so it provides an incredible sound!

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This incredible Viola Pasifae Lamborghini Huracan Evo, which you may recognise from @Archie Hamilton Racing, has been in our workshops for a colossal sound upgrade - this new system is not only a world first, but the highest spec Lamborghini Huracan Evo sound system in the world!

In this episode we focus on the tuning of the new sound system, to maximise the output through the new speakers from the incredible level of amplification fitted, utilising equipment such as bitTune.

The Three Audison Thesis amplifiers, now installed in the front tub, are running class A/B amplification with digital signals to the Audison Thesis components, which provides epic clarity. Using bitTune, we are able to de-equalize the facory head unit, set filters and frequencies, then time align and adjust the phase of the speakers in the car to make sure the optimal sound is achieved and directed to a specific point in the car, usually the driver.

After the car arrived and was checked over, we have begun stripping out the interior and front tub. This is required so we can not only sound proof the vehicle, but also run brand new speaker cabling throughout the cabin and into the front tub to connect up the new system.

In the cabin, we have soundproofed the floor, roof, back panel and doors - both the door cards and the metal door panels themselves. This all helps eliminate road noise, but most importantly, creates a much better environment for the new sound system to perform in.

A lot of new audio components are being fitted throughout the cabin to create this system. The factory Lamborghini speakers have been removed from the doors, and are being replaced with the Audison Thesis 6.5" Sax mid-bass woofers. These are mounted in 3D printed custom made speaker housings, which match the original speaker housing design, but with much more space for the Thesis speaker to be placed within.

In the dash, the factory tweeters - tiny little plastic components - have been removed from their position pointing towards the windscreen. This is never optimal tweeter positioning as the audio frequencies just bounce around between the dashboard and windscreen. In their place, the Audison Thesis Violino tweeters are being fitted into custom A-Pillars, essential due to both the size of the Thesis components, but also to fit them on axis, directing sound straight to the passengers.

Behind the seats, we are fitting not one but TWO Hertz Mille Legend 8" subwoofers. These subs are incredibly punchy for an 8" woofer, with an incredible magnet on the base of the unit. The reason for two 8" subs is dictacted by space - the shelf available behind the seats is quite shallow before you hit the firewall, so a sub behind each seat instead of one larger sub is the most optimal fitment. With the custom sub box being created and mounted directly to the vehicle, this will create incredible bass transfer.

Behind the passenger seat we have installed the processor for the system - the Audison Bit One HD Virtuoso. This is Audison's top tier processor and provides an incredible level of processing power to manage the signals used in the new system. As the Lamborghini will be running THREE class A/B amplifiers utilising a full digital install, the processing power is essential for achieving maximum clarity. The processor recieves the inputs from the factory head unit providing the audio source, and cleans up those signals before sending them to the Amplifiers, which in turn power the components to play sound. With this set up, we can send the cleanest possible signal to the amplifiers to ensure we have use of every last bit of power provided from this epic set up.

Thanks for watching our video.

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