Turn any microphone into wireless microphone for little money #microphone #wireless

I went trough some options to get a good quality microphone for voice.
There are cheap wireless microphones and some inexpensive but with very good quality. But now we have these inexpensive very good wireless instrument transmitters that we can attach to a very good microphone.
A wireless shure mic will cost you at least 200 dollars, but a SM57 xls mic can cost you as little as 99 dollars, so you just add a 15 dlls transmitter and you save some money.. or you can just play with your options.
For some strange reason, I have uploaded this video in 4k but I can not manage to see it in 4k in any device, not even 4k TVs, let me know if you know the reason or if any of you can see it in 4k.
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