Turn your wired headphone

You can turn your wired headphone into wireless one. it's too easy to convert your normal headphone into bluetooth headphone. Although , many wireless headphones are available at these price segment but you may try these product.

We make a review on a bluetooth connector device of RPMSD company but not the company is important because it's the product which is important.If you search it on online or any where you may get it with likely other companies.
We do not represent or promote any companies. it's not a review unit. We brought it ourselves and tried to show you how you can make your normal wired headphone into wireless headphone with just a connector device!
You need to charge your connector device after that you can use it. As it is a bluetooth connector so it just connected to your phone's bluetooth and stream anything wirelessly.

1. Make your Car AUX audio sytem and Home Theater AV HiFi Surrounding system become bluetooth compatible, get music from Bluetooth enable device such as For car bluetooth music receiver and call receiver fm transmitter connector Smart cellphone or Bluetooth PC, Laptop. 2. Simply connect this bluetooth audio receiver to your line-in or auxiliary input on your speakers, pair it to your Bluetooth enabled device, and enjoy the wireless music revolution. 3. Whether you want Bluetooth convenience in your car, through your home-theater system, in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom,etc. 4. Simple operation,3.5mm Male to Male Audio Connector or 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable to connect the speakers and the receiver. 5. High-performance AMP chip,can push the headset,and high-power speaker,applicable to all types of speakers 6. Powerful bluetooth IC,More stronger compatibility 7. Powered by built-in rechargeable li-ion battery via mini USB port , long working time and low consumption. (Mini USB cable included) 8. You can play music through your car stereo and answer phone call via the built-in Mic.

Although the quality is not good enough, the switches are too hard to press, battery backup is very short. But you may try if you want..

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