Turret Press for Guitar Amplifier Building

Here we take a quick overview about how to turn a couple random parts from Antique Electronics supply and Harbor Freight and make a turret press to ease building guitar amplifier turret boards.

Staking tool: https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/staking-tool-eyelets-and-turrets

Anvil: https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/tool-anvil-turret-terminals-750-l

Press: https://www.harborfreight.com/watch-case-press-with-nylon-dies-91621.html?_br_psugg_q=watch+repair+tools

You will need a punch to knock out the lower collet from the press. And then you will need to knock the base out so you can drill into the upper part of the press. You drill out the upper collet by using several sizes of drill bits up to but not exceeding 1/4" ( the size of the stake and the anvil ). You will then need to cut the stake to the desired length and you will press/glue it back into the lower part of the press. You will need to shim the anvil to the desired depth you want. I would set it so that it is sticking out just longer than the length of a turret. Viola! you have a turret press.
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