UAFX Pedals vs. Walrus ACS-1 vs. Strymon Iridium vs. Tube Amps - Audio Comparison (no talking)

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UAFX Ruby ´63
UAFX Dream ´65
UAFX Woodrow ´55
Strymon Iridium
Walrus Audio ACS-1

Here´s a comparison of the UAFX Ruby ´63, UAFX Woodrow ´55, UAFX Dream ´65, Strymon Iridium and Walrus ACS-1 with some „real amps“ and miked cabs in the style of the modeled amps in the Pedals.
Soundfiles/Video: Thomas Dill

0:00 Deluxe Reverb Style ex. 1
2:19 Deluxe Reverb Style ex. 2
4:26 AC30 Style ex. 1
6:52 AC30 Style ex. 2
9:33 Tweed Deluxe Style ex. 1
10:36 Tweed Deluxe Style ex. 2

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