ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BASTL PIZZA // Elevate your Eurorack patching with advanced hybrid synthesis

Here we have PIZZA! Everyone loves PIZZA right? Is pineapple on PIZZA fine? Leave a comment and let the flame wars begin! Joking aside this is PIZZA from BASTL Instruments a hybrid FM and waveshaping oscillator that packs in a lot of interesting sonic options and lots of clever CV assignment for working with the module as an advanced oscillator or even a full synthesis voice.

As always this demo is about pushing this with musical and creative ideas to advance our patches and exploring synthesis. Try out these patches with your gear and leave a comment letting me know how you get on.

Info, manual and more // https://bit.ly/BASTL-PIZZA

Part of this video was filmed while full of a cold/flu bug. Filmed as the fever subsided but still with a viral party in my mouth, so apologies for the weird (weirder than usual) accent in places.

Patreon supporters have access to an exclusive and extended run down of the PIZZA DRUM KIT patch, which turns this oscillator into a whole drum kit with kick, snare, bassline and hi hat sounds. If you’d like to join my amazing community, gain access to exclusive videos, get discounts to partnered stores, PDF booklets and more check out my Patreon at https://bit.ly/DK-patreon

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00:00 Welcome and patch previews!

01:51 What is Pizza?

02:21 Fulsome feature run down

07:27 West Coast Donks! Buchla Inspired FM & folding with LPGs

08:42 Using all 3 outputs for generative ambient riffs

09:51 Duelling waveshapers & smart CV assignments

11:28 Brutal tones for facial gurns! Pizza & Ikarie

13:28 A drum kit made of Pizza! WTF!

15:20 Two of my favourite things in modular! - dynamic envelopes & layering sounds

16:54 Dystopian Drones - smooth free running FM, waveshaping and ring modulation

18:02 Wavefolding - Buchla inspired & new polynomial approaches

20:07 Modulate into both wave folding circuits at the same time

21:32 Pusle width modulation

23:18 Creating dynamic distortion FX with audio rate PWM

24:51 Sub oscillator low end shaping

26:29 Modulated FM octaves

27:33 Organ style overtones from Ring Modulation

28:52 Pizza in space! Riser sound FX

29:43 How to turn Pizza into an LFO

30:59 Pizza as a multi-output modulator

32:03 Dark Matter Pizza - BRUTAL!!

33:18 External FM (phase mod), sync tips and merging sequences

35:17 Sync tones - pushing sequences through dissonance

35:59 Traditional linear & exponential FM


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