Unboxing 2016 Gibson Les Paul Tribute *HP* in Brown Satin from Gibson Demo Shop

Unboxing a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Tribute in Gibson Demo Shop exclusive color Satin Brown. This guitar has been modified by the Gibson Demo Shop to have a tan pickguard, amber knobs, 4 push/pull control pots (2 coil splits, 1 bypass and 1 phase reversal) and a custom satin color. The pickups are supposed to be 490R and 498T pickups, which actually sound pretty decent when split. Looking back, this guitar has a different neck joint than the '60s Tribute from the same year, which I was not expecting. **EDIT** And the reason for that different neck joint is because this guitar started life off as a Les Paul Tribute High Performance model. Which explains the titanium nut, different neck joint and 490R/498T pickups. I had no idea these guitars even existed until I started digging into the available models from 2016 and found some demos of these guitars in their original form.

First impressions, I like it. The color is different than I was expecting. I'll give it some time to settle into the Texas climate and then do a video that shows it off in the sunlight. Enjoy!
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