Unboxing The World Famous Epicenter "limited edition" bass restoration processor - I framed it!

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I got a special surprise in the mail from my friends at Audiocontrol! How epic is this? WOW! As you might know if you are a true basshead, the Epicenter is world famous and has been around a LONG LONG TIME. They just sold their 1,000,000th unit and to celebrate they made 5000 individually numbered limited edition Epicenters! I got one in the mail which was an awesome surprise but to have such a low number is an honor! Did you get one? if so put your number in the comments! Thanks for watching if you did!

What's it do? from the website:
"Your MP3 player thinks your car stereo is a pair of headphones, so it removes the bass! The Epicenter restores the earth-shaking power and heart-pounding bass your subwoofers crave.

Give your subwoofers the juice to go lower and hit harder. The Epicenter uses a bass circuit to drive your subwoofers lower, grabbing the attention of every eye on the boulevard."

Patented Bass Maximizer™
Dash mount control
Bass restoration lighted display
Parametric bass control
PFM Subsonic Filter
Balanced inputs
Bass Output Control

More info on the world famous Epicenter here: https://www.audiocontrol.com/car-audio/the-epicenter-processors/epicenter/

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