Understanding REAL amplifier watts (as far as Im concerned)

Heres a little blurb/rant about the bullcrap the industry perpetrates in order to sell amplifiers.
Its common to fleece people on watts in HiFi by using 4 Ohm numbers (For Guitar Center amplifiers)
and quoting wattage at a one Kilohertz tone. This is in fact international standard as defined by CEA in 2006..... Useless I say... a spec used to pump up paltry numbers for wattage.
The trend over the last 25 years has been to inflate wattage to sell amps because of our retarded thirst for big numbers. As if we are measuring our own worth... Stupid... By saying 200 WPC and offering no other spec, its a useless number and has zero context. But people fall for it every day ...
Your chest will tell you if the amp is valuable or not . Its either going to tap you with the velvet hammer or not.
My style is ALWAYS UNDER RATE AND OVERDELIVER. So my amps made to 100W will smoke most plain 500W amps. Just like I am a sleeper system builder, my gear is sleeper gear.

So heres a little info an how to REALLY know an amplifiers power without any sparkley Ffuff and glitter .

Brought to you by The Black Sheep, Mikey Powell. BOO-YA !!!
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