UNIVIBES - Marshall VS Fender | Why is no one talking about what amp you’re using ?

Hey People , in this upload we are talking UNIVIBES - Marshall VS Fender | Why is no one talking about what amp your using ?

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INTRO 0:00 - 0:27
THOUGHTS ON AMPS 0:27 - 2:49
MARSHALL 2:49 - 3:20
FENDER 3:20 - 4:45
MARSHALL 4:45 - 6:18
FENDER 6:18 - 7:25
MARSHALL 7:25 - 8:40
FENDER 8:40 - 10:19

So after more questions regarding " What is my favourite univibe " I thought id address the elephant in the room no one is talking about ....
You can have the best univibe on planet earth but what happens if your using the wrong amp ?? Is there a wrong amp ?? NOOOOOO there is no wrong only personal preference ....That being said if you are chasing the ultimate vibe tone and more importantly perhaps looking for Jimi vibe tone you aint gonna get it through a laney.... [ nothing wrong with laney just first amp that came to mind unlike fender or marshalll ]
Sooooooo I thought id put this video together , none of my setting are changed through the video to keep it as transparent as possible - all that changes is the amp !!

I've got to be honest my ear is tuned into the cushion of the vibroverb , the 15 inch speaker just has a low warm response that is addictive, listening back though I can clearly hear the hendrix vibe tone more in the Marshall..

So there , the question is bigger than " What is your favourite univibe " my answer has to be " it depends on what amp and other effects im using ?]

I Sincerely hope this video will be helpful to address any questions you guys might have had regarding this topic..

Now your turn to show up.

Hit me up in the comments below to which AMP you prefer my UNIVIBE through.

Thanks as always ,

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