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How do we get 8K on the display and bitstream surround sound at the same time? Legacy devices and many AVRs can't handle 8K. With the AC-MX-42X from AVPro Edge, you can go around legacy devices or AVRs to watch 8K content and listen to full surround sound audio without sacrificing video quality. One of the HDMI outputs has a built-in video downscaler that can take 8K and scale it down to 1080p without messing with the audio quality. The AC-MX-42X is ready to distribute downscaled 8K for any legacy device, whether the sink is an AVR or a separate zone with a lower resolution display. So not every device needs to be updated for the video system to support 8K.

It's time to upgrade systems to 8K, and AVPro Edge has the solutions you need to get the job done.

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