Upgrading Porsche ASK Audio With AMAZING New System! | Behind The Sound - Porsche Boxster S 987

Welcome to a new series of Behind The Sound, where we take you behind the scenes of incredible sound system installs!

In this video, we take you through the sound system we are going to be installing into this Porsche Boxster S 987 to upgrade the sound far beyond any factory offering!

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This Porsche Boxster S 987 has been brought into us for a sound system upgrade, providing the owner with a much better listening experience while enjoying his car.

From the factory, the 987 Boxster was available with 3 sound system options - standard 2-way, ASK 3-way amplified and the full Bose 3 way amplified system. The difference in these systems is minimal, with only gradual increases in power and performance offered as you upgrade - but most importantly, all using very similar, cheap audio components.

To upgrade the Boxster S, we are installing a brand new Hertz Mille Pro 3-way system into completely stock locations for a HUGE increase in performance, without comprising on space or looks. All this is going to be powered by an Audison Prima 8.9 amplifier, which offers a lot more power than the factory options, with the benefits of a built in processor, which allows the system to be fine-tuned to perfection!

The component set being installed is the Hertz Mille Pro MPK163.3 set, but WITHOUT using the crossovers, as we are running the system FULLY ACTIVE. This speaker set includes a new tweeter, a new 3" mid-range speaker, and a new 6.5" mid-bass speaker, to replace the factory offering from Porsche to a much higher standard.

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The 6 speakers will be run fully active from the Audison Prima 8.9 amplifier. What is Fully Active? This is when each component has a dedicated channel of amplification powering it, for the absolute best performance, instead of using crossovers, which split the power from a single channel of amplification into 2 components.
Running fully active gives us a lot more control over the system, with the ability to independently control each speaker due to the direct connection to the amp, but also maximise the sound output achieved.

The 8 channels are being utilised across all 6 speakers by bridging the mid-bass woofers. Bridging is when 2 channels of amplification are combined to power a single speaker, increasing the sound output and performance of individual components. This is especially beneficial in this car, as we don't have space to install a dedicated sub, so the mid-bass woofers are able to provide much more lower frequency coverage for increased bass feel.

To make sure the doors are the best possible environment for these new speakers to perform in, we are fitting 17 sheets of soundproofing across the 3 layers in each door: the outer panel, the central layer housing the electrics and speaker, and the door card itself.
Soundproofing does 3 key things:
- Creates the optimal acoustic environment for speakers to perform in, keeping backwaves within the vehicle and increasing the density of panels.
- Reducing rattles and resonations from factory materials, such as plastics.
- Reduces road noise, which detracts from the listening experience.
We always install as much soundproofing as possible to ensure the optimal environment, which is then maximised during the tuning stage, utilising bitTune equipment from Audison as well as a selection of customer songs and years of audio installation experience!

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