Uri Gelman Interview & VooDoo Doll Production Studio Tour

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Uri Gelman is a Producer and Songwriter with 20+ years experience in the music industry and song placements in several independent films.

He works from VooDoo Doll Productions studios, which was owned and designed from the ground up by Aspen Pittman, founder of Groove Tubes®. Aspen was Uri's father-in-law, and he took over the studio after Aspen's passing.

Pittman founded Groove Tubes in 1979, and set about revolutionising the way we think about tube amps. Without Pittman’s research, we might never know about the need to match power amp tubes for optimum tone and performance, but it’s an innovation that quickly made Groove Tubes the valves of choice for pro players all over the world.

Aspen was heavily involved in the 1960s folk scene, and was one of the first employees of the very first Guitar Center (which had changed its name from The Vox Center) in Hollywood in the late-60s – “I was the first longhaired employee under 40 that could also tune a guitar!” he told Tape Op in 2006. “Six months later I was made manager at just 19 years old!”

Away from Groove Tubes, however, another one of Aspen’s most significant contribution to the world of amp building was his book, The Tube Amp Book. Pittman’s in-depth guide to valves and valve amp circuits – which includes myriad technical tips and in-depth electronic specs – has become the bible for amp builders both big and small, and has sold over 120,000 copies as a result.

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