Valentine Spotlight | Idle Champions | D&D

It's a constant struggle to keep control over your own life and destiny when traversing the Domains of Dread, but our next Champion is determined to be in charge no matter who, or what, stands in her way.

Valentine is a support and gold find Champion whose most deadly weapon is her mind! Taking hold of any incoming abilities from other Champions, she uses her telepathic powers to boost and broadcast them. The more abilities that she is receiving, the more powerful she makes the rest of the formation! Using Tregrum, the aberrant spirit in her brain, incoming abilities are turned into a damage boost for other Champions. As a Socialite she'll share and boost those abilities with nearby damage dealers! Finally, since she enjoys A Life of Leisure, she'll increase the formation's gold find based on the number of abilities affecting her.

Valentine's Specializations focus on damage, gold, or her friendship with her fellow Black Dice Society member Tatyana. When All Hail the God Brain, Tregrum further boosts the damage of affected Champions. If Tatyana is being My Loyal Bodyguard and making sure that Valentine is affected by her Faithful Friend ability, Valentine returns the favor and boosts its effect! But if what matters most is gold find, the Family Business increases that power substantially!

When helping her friends isn't enough, Valentine takes damage into her own hands and summons the Arms of Hadar! Inky black tentacles erupt out of her body grappling, stunning and causing massive damage to all enemies in a huge area!

Using her tremendous telepathic talents Valentine will help herself and her companions from The Black Dice Society. We're sure you will appreciate her powerful mind when she joins our roster during Midsummer!
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