VALETON GP-200 Guitar Amp Modelling//UNBOXING & first SOUND SAMPLE//No Talking

I just received the totally new and highly awaited VALETON GP-200 Guitar Amp Modelling Pedal Floor Unit. Couldn't wait for unboxing, so i wanted to share the UNBOXING of the Unit with you! In the background you are hearing my first 5150ish kinda sound i came up with, so that leaves still some space and time for further tweaking, but you get the idea (i guess?).
So far i am pretty impressed by the build quality & features of the Pedal. Complete set of In-/Ouput connections incl. MIDI, 2 rows of Footswitches of witch the second row even is build higher for better reach than the first row, LED Color Ring on the Footswitches, first time i've ever seen this: a FULL SET of Rotary Knobs to control the Amp Settings like on a "real Amp", direct access to every Effects Block via Button, bright and big Display and many more features. The PC-Software is the most complete one i've ever seen and a charm to use.
The sound? We will see, i think the Presets don't do the Unit justice at all! So more VIDEOS to COME SOON. Stay tuned!
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