Valve Amp Comparison - Blackstar Studio 10 - Vox AC10 - Supro Blues King 12 - Fender Blues Junior

This episode contains the 'which SG' quiz answers plus a lot of childish mucking about and fiddling with a fundamental yet highly effective 'amp switching' system as we hear what 3 different guitars sound like through 4 popular small tube amplifiers... sounds like fun!!

If you don't like any of the talking or the playing bits in this video we've made it easy for you to skip along to the next chapter in case something more interesting is happening...

0:00 play in & coming up
1:12 what's happening today
2:59 the amps & the specs
5:19 last weeks SG blind sound test answers
6:51 the amp switching setup
9:27 guitar #1 Epiphone Les Paul Std 50's
10:56 arse loop #1
12:14 switching through the amps 1
14:18 the drive pedals
16:29 hand noodle loop 1
17:06 switching through the amps 2
18:43 guitar #2 Sire T7
19:50 arse loop #2
20:51 drive setup
22:06 hand noodle loop 2
22:43 switching through the amps 3
23:47 guitar #3 Epiphone Casino Worn
25:22 arse loop #3
26:30 switching through the amps 4
27:40 more drive setup
28:32 more playing & switching through the amps
30:30 did we end up with something?
32:24 play out jam

Signal Chain Info:
Drive Pedals (when on): Klon KTR / RAT
Amps: Blackstar Studio 10 EL34, Vox AC10 C1, Supro Blues King 12, Fender Blues Junior Tweed
Mics SM57's
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 into Protools

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