VCV Rack 2 is officially out now! Patch with some new and cool modules

NYSTHI not in the library yet -

So congratulations to your all with official Rack v2 release!
This patch contains of bunch new modules (I believe all are available in the library now except nysthi). And many cool and unique things here. That resonating filter from Prism is very inspiring one especially controlled by any sequencer but keep in mind possible high output from it. Also new CHOW stuff included tape degrade thing which can really add some unstability in digital cold world, very nice in small doses on drums. And really nice beats comes from Nonlinear circuits Divide and Conquer, really endless in terms of musicality. Happy new...RACK!)

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PC configuration

CPU - Intel Core i5 2500k (4ghz OC) -

Motherboard - Asus P8P67-M -

RAM - Kingston DDR3 8GB -

GPU - XFX Radeon rx 470 4GB -

PSU - 500W -

SSD1 - Kingston 240

SSD2 - Samsung EVO 860

Display - LG 24MK600M -

Laptop with similar specs -

Stuff for Music

Studio Monitors - Behringer 2031a (2x) -

Headphones1 - Sennheiser HD650 -

Headphones2 - Shure SRH440 -

Audio interface - Native Instruments KA 6 MK2 -

Ipad mini 2 as midi controller -
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