Versatile Preamp, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzzdrive All-In-1 | Fish Circuits Model One | Signal Path

Thank you to Fish Circuits for sending this over to try out!:

When it comes to overdrive and dirt pedals in general I find it uncommon to find devices that are equally inspiring in low gain sounds as they are in the high gain sounds. That's why when Fish Circuits sent the Model One over, I was blown away by how no matter what setting I put up, the sound created by the Model One never created a barrier to playing the notes and chords I wanted.

Featuring two modes with vastly different gain and dynamics characters and 3 'body' settings which changed the low end at the input of the pedal, it's incredibly easy to get diverse sounds for rhythm, lead and clean parts that layer well together without even needing to change guitars.

The Fish Circuits Model One is an incredibly well-built, unique drive pedal and a phenomenal debut from this incredible builder. Follow along on Instagram to keep up with their incredible work!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro Song
1:29 Sound Samples
2:52 Exploring the 'Body' Toggle
5:01 'b' Mode

Gear Used:

Suhr Alt T Pro
Fender Precision Bass
Fender American Telecaster

Fish Circuits Model One
Strymon BigSky
Universal Audio Dream '65

All recorded using an Apollo x8p into Logic Pro X

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