Very Powerful Amplifier Circuit | Tda2030 dual ic amplifier || How to make tda2030 ic amplifier ||

In this video -

How to make tda2030 ic amplifier
Very powerful amplifier circuit
Tda2030 ic amplifier circuit Kaise banaye
tda2030 dual ic amplifier

In this video, I make an amplifier circuit using two tda2030 ic. It is very powerful circuit. You can make it for daily use.

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To make this :
Required items -

1. IC - TDA2030 (2)
2. Resistor - 1 ohm(2)
3. Resistor - 680 ohm(2)
4. Resistor - 22k ohm(4)
5. Capacitor - 10mfd(1)
6. Capacitor - 47mfd(2)
7. Capacitor - 220mfd(2)
8. 104 pf(4)

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