Vintage Audio Review Episode #14: Kenwood KA-6000 Integrated Amplifier

In this episode we look at the Repair and Review a Vintage Kenwood KA-6000 Integrated Amp.

00:00 Introduction
02:08 Front Panel “Tour”
05:24 Rear Panel “Tour”
07:47 Inside of the KA-6000 with Cover removed (Top View)
08:26 Bottom view of the KA-6000
08:56 Inside the KA-6000 with circuit board coverings removed
11:00 The Problem with the KA-6000 described (initial measurements-preamp)
12:36 Initial measurement of Power Amp section
14:07 Schematic and solution to the Problem
16:36 Measurements after the repairs and problem
18:05 Data begins
23:47 Front Panel Switches and Tone Control data
26:03 More Comments and Final Thoughts
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