Vintage Pioneer F-551 Digital Synthesizer AM FM Tuner (Made in Japan)

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Selling this Vintage Pioneer F-551 Digital Synthesizer AM FM Tuner (Made in Japan). It is in good working condition and good quality tuner by Pioneer. The photos you see of the items on our site are of the condition and actual unit available that you will receive. You are welcome to inspect the item and please ask all questions before buying, it will be sold as is. Thank you.

Brand: Pioneer
Model: F-551
Made in Japan
Era: 1980s
Tuning frequency ranges : AM: 522kHz to 1611 kHz FM: 87.4 to 108.0 MHz
24 random presets
Frequency response (FM) : 30Hz - 15kHz +2.0dB / -3.0dB
Signal to noise : mono: 75dB stereo: 65dB
Usable sensitivity (300 ohms) : 11.2 dBf
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 420W x 65H x 210D mm
Weight: 3kg

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