VIRTUAL SOUNDWALK "Marés de Progresso" for Eufonia Sound Circuit Festival, Lisbon, 2021.

Soundwalk Title: Marés de Progresso (Tides of progress)

Location Start: In front of Cais Das Colunas

GPS (38.7067176, -9.1361417)

Location End: In front of the Statue of King Jose I in Praca do Comercio

GPS (38.7073974, -9.1364049)

Soundwalk Description:

This soundwalk or 'soundscape journey' was designed for Eufonia Sound Circuits 2021 and is to be taken, starting from the Cais Das Colunas to the centre of Praca do Comercio. The listener will connect with the waters at the Cais Das Colunas and then as they slowly make their way towards the statue in the square will envision how the square’s soundscape has changed over the years. The piece will take you on a temporal voyage as well as creating an augmented-reality sonic experience using various sounds from the square and neighbouring parts of the city, lacing it with a dreamy granular soundscape synthesised from some well-known Portuguese music. Morphing from light to dark textures, the 'enlightened' drone takes the listener on an ascension to a modern vortex of sound which gets eventually extinguished by the same waters that we hear at Cais Das Colunas. After the experience, listeners are invited to deeply listen to the soundscape of the area; noticing not only the lapping waves and street buskers but also the creaks of the pier, the crunch of gravel, the seagulls call, the whirr of traffic, the distant trams.

This is a Virtual Soundwalk was created for those unable to be present at Sound Circuits Festival 2021. We hope you enjoy this visual interpretation of the sound walk.

Recording equipment used:

- DPA 4560 Binaural microphone
- Iphone XR

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