Virtually Mint 1966 Fender 6G15 Reverb Unit.......It Quit Reverbing :)

In this long and complex video, we will examine, repair, and thoroughly test a super nice, one-owner 1966 Fender 6G15 Reverb Unit. I have provided a detailed table of contents to allow viewers to select and view individual topics if necessary.
Emphasis was placed upon 1.) Close examination of the unit to assist those who desire to build their own at home. Here is a link to my own revised 6G15 schematic, parts list, construction and layout diagram: https://app.box.com/s/iad551xa97auao2anl7tpn7xyhb3y4ad 2.) Concealment of the new filter caps 3.) Transplantation of new transducers into the original Gibbs tank 4.) Thorough audio testing of original Gibbs tank, repaired Gibbs tank, and repaired 6G15 unit.....with comparison of 6K6 and 6V6 tank-driving tubes.
Here is a link to the video featuring the AO-35 Conversion Amplifier feature in the video: https://youtu.be/GVLRmCbPfbs
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