VLOG: tips about to make a good hum free power supply for audio + radio & coroplast tape properties

The video gives some good tips about how to make a hum free power supply for: audio amplifiers (up to 30 Watt) and radio’s, pre-amps, all circuits that need a kind of DC power supply that is as pure as a battery. NO hum, ripple, or whatever.

By the way: this is a VLOG, many circuits/schematics on my YT Channel give exact information about how to make a hum/ripple free audio power supply.

Go e.g. to the “looking glass” on my YT Channel (Radiofun232 on You Tube) and search via keywords for the solutions and the power supply setups. Say use keywords like “hum”, “hum free”, “ripple”, “power supply”, “shielding”, “ground”, “mass”, “earth”, 3055, BD 139, etc.

You can contact me via email when you have questions about my published circuits. I always ask for a picture of what you have made + a problem description; I ask to communicate.

My You Tube channel trailer is here: https://youtu.be/xbgQ8T3oqh4 When you search, search always “NEWEST FIRST” to get the right overview. You can also search via the “looking glass” on my Channel trailer via keywords like ”audio”, “radio”, “amplifier”, “filter”, “Shortwave”, “transistor”, “FET”, “oscillator”, “generator”, “switch”, “schmitt trigger” etc; so the electronic subject you are interested in. My books about electronics & analog radio technology are available via the website of "LULU”, search for author “Ko Tilman” there.


I keep all my YT videos constant actual, so the original video’s with the most recent information are always on YouTube. Search there, and avoid my circuits that are republished, re-arranged, re-edited on other websites, giving not probable re-wiring, etc. Some persons try to find gold via my circuits. I take distance from all these fake claims. I cannot help that these things happen. Upload 26 november 2021.

By the way: I don't have any (!) connection with "Coroplast" and don't do any (!) advertisement for them, but because of the extreme good qualities of the Coroplast PVC tape for insulation (I tested the normally and overall available consumer PVC isolation tape up to 10.000 Volt ( = 10 KV) with good results. High Voltage (even 10.000 V static voltage) does not "leak" alongside wires that were isolated with this Coroplast tape. That is why give the link to the Coroplast website https://www.coroplast-group.com/en/

Hope that YT does not remove it.
Update 29 november 2021
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