Vox AC30 1964 Super Twin - A look & listen to one of the most iconic guitar amps of all times

For many years, the AC30 (or actually any vintage Vox amp) was only something I'd read about in books and magazines. But that all changed when in only a matter of months I recieved no less than three different AC amps to work on. And playing this, virtually all oroginal, AC30 from 1964 lived up to all my expectations.

0:00 Intro
2:55 The amp of the day
3:48 Workshop
6:46 Tubes
7:33 "Under the hood" - power supply & power amp section
8:54 "under the hood" - preamp section
11:34 Powering up the amp
18:08 A first listen to the amp
20:47 Demo (with Fender Stratocaster)
26:15 History of the Vox brand
31:28 Top Boost modification
34:10 Outro
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