Vox MV50 AC test - different Treble Boosters

I did this video because, from time to time, there's somebody interested in one of my home setups.
In this case the Vox MV50 AC, which is the one used also on the famous "balcony video".

I use an handmade 1x12 cab...with a super-cheap speaker in it!
But honestly I don't care as I use this rig only at home, only for practice.

In this case, a guy on facebook asked for a vid of this small head played with a Fryer Touring TB, which as you know is the "less powerful" on Fryer Guitars' catalogue.
It's my main TB when on Tour, because on stage I use a couple of AC30s flat out; but for home use (low volumes), and in particular with this MV, I prefer a fatter and hotter TB like the Fryer Deluxe.

So with this vid I show basically how it sounds with the Touring and how I really prefer it, with the Deluxe.

Let me know your thoughts.
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