VTU Physics Experiments| A short demonstration on the experiments, LCR Series & Parallel Resonances

In this video, the standard method for finding the inductance value of an inductor employing the phenomenon of Series & Parallel Resonances in an LCR circuit as an experiment for students in an undergraduate Physics practical course is described. How to set up the circuit and how to make use of an audio frequency oscillator as an ac source is also described. Comments are also made on the logarithmic variation of frequency & also the use of semi log graph sheet for plotting the graph of current versus frequency. The two methods followed to calculate the quality factor are also explained. Extra information regarding, figures, tabular columns, procedure for writing the practical record and viva questions for preparing for the examinations are also provided.
The apparatus used in this video are all from Kamaljeeth Instrumentation & Service unit, Bangalore. Below is the link to its website. I am thankful to the proprietors of the Unit for providing all the assistance.

Kamaljeeth Instruments: http://kamaljeeth.net
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