VVR vs VARIAC in a Tube Amp (Variable Voltage Regulator vs Variable Voltage Transformer) prologue

The first video from a series dedicated to the Variable Voltage Regulator (VVR) in a tube amplifier.

0:00 you are probably to loud
0:30 Eddie van Halen and the Variac
0:52 VVR vs Variac
1:20 what happens if we turn on a tube amp
1:50 the right place of the VVR,
2:15 PCB vs turetboard VVR circuits
2:36 the double standby switch
3:02 the VVR in front
3:30 scratchy poty
3:44 conclusions
3:58 outro

Before starting any intervention, please understand that this feature's installation requires professional attention and skills. Don't even think about opening the amp if you have no clue of what you're doing! We are dealing with lethal voltages and it's not worth risking your life. There are many amp shops and experienced amp techs that will be able to install it for you! If you still want to go ahead and do it, do so at your own risk.

the sound of your tube amplifier | the volume cranked up to | that sweet tube overdrive | too loud.

reasonable lower volumes | use a VVR | VVR stands for Variable Voltage Regulator

credits must be given to Eddie Van Halen | he started using a Variac | the brown tone

install a VVR module in a tube amp | control the high voltage of the tubes | heaters work at their optimal temperature

the right place of the VVR module in the amplifier´s circuit?

see the green insulated 22AWG wire | turn on the standby-switch | high voltage to the plates of the tubes . . .

see the white B+ wire from the rectifier – to the standby-switch – to the plates of the tubes

a few suppliers of such kits provide VVR module circuits on PCB | why install a Printed Circuit Board current supply module in your tube amp | here is our VVR module on turret board

standard installations of the VVR modules | once installed there is no turning back except with the soldering iron | we use a double standby-switch | the high voltage position, is a true bypass of the VVR module

position the VVR in the back of the tube amp | the VVR will be used with a attenuator mentality switching between bedroom level, rehearsal, larger venues.

positioning the VVR in front, next to the standby-switch | experiment different sweet spots or easily turn the VVR off


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