VW Golf Mk7 5 R FULL JL AUDIO VXI and C7 car audio upgrade Ep 1

VW Golf Mk7 5 R FULL JL AUDIO VXI and C7 car audio upgrade Ep 1

A different one from us, trying some new kit from JL Audio to see how it fares against our current crop of incredible products. It best be good if it wants to shoehorn its way into our slew of top-notch offerings!

I've got quite high hopes for the JL Audio VXI and C7 equipment considering my long and *fuzzy feeling* nostalgic history with JL Audio and their reputation as one of the biggest names in car audio.

We'll be recording multiple episodes documenting this build and in particular the use and functionality of the JL Audio products, so keep posted and subscribe for more videos!

The products used in this series are -

JL Audio VXI Hub - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-vxi-hub-network-hub

JL Audio VXI-BTC Bluetooth commander - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-vxi-btc-bluetooth-communicator

JL Audio DRC-205 Digital remote control - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-drc-205-digital-remote-control

JL Audio VXI 600/1i - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-vx600-1i-mono-class-d-sub-amplifier-dsp

JL Audio VXI 600/6i - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-vx600-6i-6channel-amplifier-dsp

JL Audio C7-100CT Tweeters - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-c7-100ct-component-tweeters

JL Audio C7-350CM Midrange - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-c7-350cm-component-midrange-speakers

JL Audio C7-650CW Midbass - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-c7-650cw-component-woofers

JL Audio 10W6V3 Subwoofer - https://studioincar.co.uk/products/jl-audio-10w6v3-d4-10-inch-subwoofer?_pos=2&_sid=29937ee7b&_ss=r

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