VW's DATED Sound System! | SOUND OFF - EP. 3: VW T6.1 VS Audison Voce

Welcome to SOUND OFF, where we expose the poor quality factory sound systems and compare them to aftermarket options that we fit to vehicles!

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Factory sound systems carry a lot of weight on the options list - everyone want's that big name audio. Bang & Olufsen, Sensonum, Harmon Kardon, Bowers & Wilkins. Speccing these higher tier sound systems carry a high price, always promising a significant sound upgrade.

However, in reality, the components fitted are almost identical to that of the factory system, usually just more of them, with a very basic amplifier. The improvement in sound is almost just a placebo effect, but there is some additional overall volume.

In this new series, Sound Off, we are showing you what these factory components are really like - the construction, the magnet size and the placements of everything fitted, and then comparing them to available aftermarket components, which offer a SIGNIFICANT upgrade in sound, and the build quality shows it.

In Episode 3, we are looking at the factory components used by Volkswagen in the T6.1, as well as a range of other vehicles, and how they compare to an Audison Voce upgrade, which is Audison's middle tier component range.

Weighing the components reveals one of the biggest benefits of aftermarket products - the factory tweeter weighs more than the aftermarket tweeter, which would make you think the Voce AV1.1 is of a lower build quality. In reality, the difference comes from the magnet used. Factory components use old fashioned Ferrite magnets, which are naturally magnetic and much cheaper to use in large volume production. However, the performance is not great. The AV1.1 uses a Neodymium magnet, which is a man-made magnet that offers a small form factory with a significant increase in performance, allowing Audison to create a much higher quality, better performing speaker in a very small form factor.

Make sure you watch the video to find out all the details on what makes the aftermarket component set a much better performing sound system in any vehicle, and check out the full Behind The Sound series on the T6.1 to see the full build!

Thanks for watching our video.

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